November 30, 2014

Im a blogger now?!?

As long as I can remember I knew that if I ever did something really cool I would want to 1) document it in whatever way I could 2) share it with my friends and family and 3) Take as many pictures of it as possible. Well I'm moving to Japan and so I think that falls under the "something really cool" category and I bet you do too! Writing a blog about moving to Japan, acclimating to the culture, exploring the country and everything in between covers all 3 of those things.  Just because you can't move with us doesn't mean you have to stop experiencing life with us. So I'm gonna try out this blogging thing, see how it works and hopefully keep you all entertained and updated in the process. 

I bet you're wondering where in the world did you get the name "That's Just Our Life"? Well when you're like us and you're active duty air force (or just the wife and kids haha) you don't get much of a say in where you live or in a lot of other parts of your life. You just have to go with the flow and say to yourself "well thats life" so this little blog here is just OUR life. 

I can't wait to start this adventure (16 days left until Isaac gets home from Korea and 20 days left until we head to Japan on that looong flight that I'm already mentally preparing for...woohoo!) and to share it with all of you
- Kendra -