February 25, 2015

I'm Back!!!!

OH WOW!!! I can't believe that it has really been almost a month since I've blogged. Honestly it's not that I haven't had the time but it has been that I have been figuring out our family plan, adjusting some more, dealing with some behavioral issues with Logan and trying to get as settled as we can with STILL NO FURNITURE lol

While I've been away some pretty cool things have happened.

1. We decided that after Japan our journey with the military would be coming to an end. The effects that Isaac's year away had on our family and Logan just weren't worth it for us anymore and having to do 10 more years of deployments, TDY's and moves just isn't what we would like to do. We think we have settled on a plan and a location for the big change but since its 2 years away we have a little time to really decide.

2. Logan started Karate!! My little guy started Karate and within a week they were sparring! It was waay to much for me to see him punching and kicking another kid at such a young age but he loves it and it is helping him to calm down a little and be more patient, well as patient as a 3 year old can be.

3. I got a part time job! For those that don't know before Isaac went to Korea and we moved to Japan I transitioned from the Air Force into a position as a Banking Center Manager. I really enjoyed my job and was so sad when I had to give it up because the hours weren't feasible for a single mom of a toddler. The opportunity presented itself to ease back into banking here on base so I applied for a Banking Center Service Representative position that was open and within 7 days I interviewed and was offered a position! It sure isn't the pay that I am used to but it is only 30 hours part time so it allows us a smooth transition from stay at home mom to working mom. I am hoping to get into a full time position within a year to help with the transition from Japan to the states and Isaac leaving the military

4. Logan got REALLY REALLY REALLY into board games. It started with Operation, which we already had, and he liked it so much that we put a family board game as a part of our wind down routine at the end of the night. We put out the call to our parents letting them know and in less than 2 weeks we had about 10 games for us to play. So now it is dinner, board game, bath time, book, bed. It's nice and I am actually really enjoying.

5. I tried Shabu Shabu which is basically thinly cut beef cooked tableside in boiled water. It was alright. I'm starting to think I wont find any Japanese food I like besides curry.

6. I wrecked our car. Nothing too major but I just got too far over right, hit a building and knocked our side mirror off the car. It was scary and Isaac and Logan were both in the car which I was upset about Logan being there but grateful that Isaac was. He has yet to fix it and we are now the family with the duct taped mirror. It's so embarrassing but obviously I need some more time to get used to driving on the other side of the road.

7. I got super into Dave Ramsey....again. I am always a Dave follower but sometimes I am more invested in it than others. I am  FPU graduate and an occasional listener when I am not as into it. After we made the decision that we are for real getting out of the military I went all in full fledged Dave and Isaac hates it but he understands and likes the end results. I listen to him every day for the entire 3 hour show thanks to the app and even Logan knows who he is. We are still on baby step 2 but have paid off a ton of debt since starting between our savings and taxes...almost $10,000 to be exact....and I am extremely proud of us. I am not going to say exactly how much we have but I will say that we will be completely debt free before the end of the year and that is a good feeling. It sucks because tat means not as much traveling or exploring until next year but the sacrifice is so worth it and we have 2 more years to travel and explore after we are done.

8.We introduced Logan to tennis and he seemed to really enjoy it. he wasn't that great but hey, he's 3!

9. I became a key spouse to Isaac's squadron. I am hoping to be able to help spouses the way I have been helped along the way.

So hopefully that catches you up on the important parts of this month and I will def get back to blogging on a regular basis now!


  1. Congrats on the job! That's awesome! :) Also, Logan looks SO adorable in his karate gear!!! So fun!

  2. Time just gets away from us so easily! I just looked at my blog and realized I haven't touched it since my daughter turned a month old. She's 9 months old now. Goodness... though I'm going to try to get back into it. I just convinced a friend of mine to start a blog too, so maybe that'll help motivate me to stay up on my own!
    Looks like life has been treating you well! :) Congrats on the new job and everything else! Well... maybe not wrecking your car. That's no fun. :(