March 22, 2015

Weekend full of fun and sickness

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend because I know I did. I'm ready to knock out this last week of training and get back down into the banking center. I'm ready to work and learn as much as I can before we head back to the states.

Friday was a late day at work. Training ended at 3:30 but the bank didn't close until 5 so while the other people in the class are from different centers and don't work here on Yokota and got to go home after training I went down to help out until closing. I actually learned a lot Friday which was nice and made the time pass quickly. Logan had an accident during the day while he was with my friend which was unusual and had me on edge but luckily Isaac was off early and able to pick him up. We went to Chili's Friday night with Nikita and her family and had so much fun laughing while the kids kept each other busy that *shocker* I didn't take 1 picture (I know I know what was I thinking)

Saturday Logan woke up very congested, whiny and coughing A TON so we didn't do much. I sent Isaac to the store to get cough medicine and he came home with Childrens Allegra (typical husband fail haha) and needless to say once I realized it he had already taken the meds and it was too late.

Saturday night Nikita launched her Perfectly Posh business here on Yokota by throwing a little pampering party. I had never even heard of this company until I met her and since I haven't been a great friend since I started working I was going to her party for sure. There were snacks and a really great group of ladies, most of which I had never met before. We had an awesome time, I laughed until I almost cried, we of course to a semi selfie to remember the night and I left with a few new facebook friends

 Sunday Logan was worse than Saturday and we knew it was gonna be a rough day. He woke up at 4am with a 101 fever and of course since we had no medicine I loaded him up with water and popsicles to keep him cool and then he stayed awake until after breakfast. I went to get him some proper cold medicine and then he took a 5 HOUR read that right 5 HOURS! HE was def sleeping off the yucky He is very very needy when he is sick and so he only wanted to sleep on top of me so there was a lot of this going on

Being stuck on the couch wasn't all bad though because I discovered the funniest new show on Netflix called The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt about a girl who was kidnapped in middle school to live in a cult and then is found by the police and she moves to NYC and tries to make it after living underground for who knows how long. Hilarious!

oh Sunday morning when I went to get Logan's medicine I picked up a cute gender neutral sock monkey blanket for my neighbor Kylie who announced her pregnancy this weekend on Facebook. I loved the spring inspired bag that I found and I am happy to report that they liked it as much as I did! I will say that two of my neighbors and Nikita are pregnant and I am hoping that it doesn't make it over to the Cunningham's just yet  (I get 3 months paid maternity leave with my new company if I work there for a year so basically if I work for 3 months and then get pregnant there is my year and my paid mat leave...trying to get within that window before I pop out a little). I forgot to take pictures of the bag and gift but Kylie did and so I stole them from her Facebook page to post here lol

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