March 29, 2015

Weekend Fun!

I hope that you had a good weekend! I know that I did. It's not that we necessarily did anything in particular, we didn't go on a major Japanese adventure and we didn't even leave base but it was chalked full of family time which I think that we all desperately needed.

Friday is always a day that I get off late since the bank doesn't close until 5 and so Friday nights aren't a huge thing around here. we normally just do a homemade pizza and watch a family movie, which of course we did. Isaac was off so he was home with Logan all day and when I got home he was happy for the help because Logan was in rare threenager form which lasted the entire weekend.

Saturday was the most beautiful day we have had weather wise since we have been here. We just HAD to go outside. We walked over to subway, grabbed some sandwiches and chips and headed off to find the perfect picnic spot. We found one! We spent the afternoon climbing trees (it was Logan's first time and he was terrified), walking around base and looking at the Sakura trees that are about to bloom

After exploring we went to see the adorable movie Home. It was really cute but Logan wasn't a fan. Probably because there was no giant fight scene or Transformers Rescue Bots which is all he seems to care about these days. I made him take a picture after and he was miserable so it was a horrible picture for all of us but I didn't care because I had already had it in my head we were taking that picture hahaha
 Sunday we hung out around the house, playing ninja's and cops and robbers, taking naps, cooking dinner, doing the budget and re-organizing my debt snowball with the numbers from my new job (I will write more about our Dave Ramsey journey on Wednesday). Once the day went on and we realized that Logan's energy was ridiculous and he wasn't fading we went to the park and he made a new friend which is always nice. They ran around, play soccer and tired each other out which was nice after a weekend of attiude and threenager antics.

I now feel refreshed, in good spirits and ready to tackle the week. Click here to see who I'm linking up with!


  1. haha I love the phrase "threenager"! I am a toddler teacher so I know that form all too well! I hope he is better for you this week!
    have a great monday!

  2. The first picture of the boys in the tree is so cute! Looks like y'all had a really fun time.

  3. I feel so lucky to live on such a nice base with all of the cherry blossom trees around. :) Springtime here is so lovely. Great pictures!