April 22, 2015

My Fours

A few of the blogs that I love and follow (Champagne & Suburbs and Sequins & Sea Breezes) have done their fours and so now I am joining in and encouraging ya'll to do the same!
Four Nicknames I've had 
1. Koya - My little brother used to call me this when he was little. I have no idea why but I liked it an went with it
2. Kenny G- My clever sister thought it would be hilarious to call me after the musician Kenny G since my maiden name is Goffney and obviously my first name is Kendra (and now that Isaac has read this he has vowed to call me this)
3. Cunningham- I was in the military for 8 years and it's just easier to call you by the name on your shirt
4 KTC- Isaac will call me by my initials in text messages fairly often actually

Four movies I've watched more than once
1. The Break Up - I am obsessed with this movie and I hysterically laugh out loud every time. It helped me though the worse break up of my life.
2. Talladega Nights- Basically anything Will Ferrell and John C Reilly do together I'm watching....often
3. Mean Girls because On Wednesday's we wear pink
4. Knocked up- I watched this during my pregnancy and identified with it more than ever haha

Four Jobs I've had
1. Anchor Blue - What teenager didn't work at the mall and funnel all their money back to the store they worked at
2. U.S. Air Force is the career I am most proud of. Did it for 8 years, from 18-26 and I grew so much as a person 
3. Bank of America - My first job out of the Air Force and it was my highest paying, most prestigious career. I loved being a Banking Center Manager and would do it again in a heartbeat  
4. Community Bank- The one I have now and I love it! Still in banking but not as much responsibility...or pay...but we are in another country with limited opportunities


Four Things in my purse
1. Baby wipes
2. 3 Chapsticks
3. Hand sanitizer 
4. Planner/Notebook

Four Places I've Lived
1. Lakewood, CA
2. Sumter, SC
3. Lompoc, CA
4. Fussa, Tokyo, Japan 

Four Places I've Visited 
1. Jacksonville, FL
2. San Diego, CA
3. North Pole, AK
4. Nashville, TN
(me with all my boys at Sea World, San Diego)

Four Places on my travel bucket list 
1. Sydney Australia
2. New York City 
3. Germany
4. Paris, France 

Four things I don't eat
1. Peanut butter
2. Fish
3. Muffins
4. Pie
Four TV shows I watch
1. The Mysteries of Laura
2. The Mindy project
3. The Goldbergs
4. Blue bloods 

4 Cars I've driven
1. Jaguar X-type 3.0
2. Cadillac SRX
3. Volkswagen Passat
4. These are the only three cars I've ever owned in my life
4 things to look forward to in 2015
1. Becoming debt free - I haven't spoken a lot about my Dave Ramsey driven financial journey on here but we are on one and we are struggling between wanting to do everything and exploring and paying off everything but I am hoping that we will stay on track and become debt free this year
2. Evie!!!! my Yokota best friend is having her first baby girl after 2 handsome and hilarious boys this summer and I am SO EXCITED
3. I found a group of other bloggers here on Yokota and I am excited to begin networking and bouncing ideas of them.
4. Exploring more of this beautiful country that we are so blessed to be able to live in and building my friendships with the lovely ladies I have started to bond with here


  1. These were great. A Goldbergs fan here too. That show makes me laugh and laugh. I raised my girls during the 80's so I can relate to everything that show is about. Linking from While I'm Waiting party.

    1. I love this show much and unfortunately there are more similarities between Beverly Goldberg and I than I would like to admit. I am so glad that I am not the only fan on the show in blogland!

  2. I loved your fours! I probably watch all the movies on your list on repeat. I mean, if Mean Girls is on you don't just change the channel.. Hope you accomplish everything in your 2015 list! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Andrea!!!! Yes I have changed my entire schedule around a surprise mean girls showing and I am not ashamed to admit it haha I can't believe it's already more than 10 years old. It sure doesn't seem that way!

  3. Great post. I love Mean Girls. I can watch that and know almost every line lol

    1. Thanks Jasmine! Basically if someone doesn't know every line I reevaluate my friendship haha

  4. Ooh! I want to do this too! I can't believe you don't eat peanut butter.

    1. Alanna feel free!!!!!!!!! I would love to read! Yeah it's a weird thing to most people but I don't even like the smell of it! I used to tell people I was allergic to it but when I eat snickers bars with peanuts in them the jig is kinda up haha

  5. This is very cool! I'm going to check out the two blogs you've mentioned as well.

  6. By the way, your button to instagram is not working!

    1. oh goodness thanks so much for letting me know. I think ive got it fixed now! You're the best

  7. This is such a fun post! I love this idea. The Mindy Project is one of my favorite shows too. I wouldn't have 4 cars to fill in for this. I've only driven 2 (that I've owned) since I turned 16.

    1. Hi Lisa! You should totally do it! It was def a fun way to let my readers get to know me a little bit more! I LOVE the Mindy project and I'm glad the show is still funny even though she's pregnant on it. I am hoping the dynamic and direction don't change too much after she becomes a mom

  8. I ALWAYS carry chapstick in my purse too lol! I have one for each purse and some scattered around the house. :)

    1. I am glad that I am not the only one but I wish that I could finish one tube ever! haha

  9. Awesome! I am dying to get to Japan

    1. You should come one day! It is a gorgeous country with amazingly friendly and accommodating people. Thanks for stopping by

  10. Perfect post to break my writer's block! I'm such a horrible blogger. :)

    1. You are an awesome blogger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would know hahaha You should do it...it was fun to think about my answers

  11. Ahhh, love your FOURS interview/questionnaire. I just watched The Break Up yesterday - hadn't seen it in forever.

    1. I used to watch it all the time when it came on TBS all of the time but I haven't seen it in almost 5 months. I think its time

  12. Congrats on becoming debt free! That's awesome! Thanks so much for sharing at Waiting on...Wednesday!


  13. Hi Kendra! I just discovered your blog and I love it! I used to live in Tochigi, about an hour north of Tokyo, teaching English, and now 8 years later I have moved to Okinawa. I love reading blogs by other moms getting by in Japan. I love having a travel bucket list, but not sure I could narrow it down to 4.