April 12, 2015

Weekending || The absoutlely nothing edition

Happy Monday Y'all!
I wish that I could say that we accomplished as much or had as much fun as we did last weekend but the truth is we totally didn't. It was a nice laid back weekend with hardly any pictures and lots of sleeping
Friday night I got off at 5:15 just like every Friday, came home for a couple of hours to cuddle with my loves and then headed off to my Key Spouse Mentor's house around 7ish for a meeting. What I thought would be a couple of hours ended up turning into all of us talking and laughing until midnight! I left my phone in the car and I had 5 missed calls and a ton of phone calls wondering if I got into a car accident since it was raining. I am definitely not the type to stay up that late so I was surprised, rushed home to a worried but awake husband and then went to sleep
Saturday was apparently a recovery day for my old lady body. I woke up at 9, came out to eat breakfast with Isaac and Logan sat down to watch this show on Hulu called Resident Advisors which is starring Jamie Chung from the real world: San Diego (and a ton more since but i'll always remember her from there), Andrew Bachelor from some episodes of The Mindy Project and Ryan Hansen from Veronica Mars and Bad Judge (which I loved but got cancelled) and is produced by Elizabeth Banks,which by the way I cant figure out if I like it or not, and fell asleep in the middle of the 3rd episode for a couple of hours. Woke up and watched the rest of the 7 episodes available and at the end I think I kind of like the show. If you haven't check it out and let me know what you think or if you are as indecisive about it as I am. I fell asleep again and when I woke up at 5:30 Logan was already asleep for the night and Isaac was building a Gundam model and enjoying the quiet time. I went to Burger King, got some chicken tenders and then fell asleep again...yeah I know but in my defense I am pretty sure I am getting sick.
Sunday was the best day ever!!!! Not even a week ago after hearing me mention multiple times on social media my wonderful neighbor/friend/fellow blogger April reached out to me and offered to redesign this little old blog of mine since she is building her portfolio! I cannot speak more highly of her....y'all.....seriously....she is amazing! She listened to what I wanted, she took what I pinned on pinterest, looked for a trend and made me something that I didn't even realize I would love. She even helped computer illiterate me install it even though I had about a trillion questions and I am sure she was shaking her head the whole time. I cannot wait for her to officially start  her business and for everyone to be able to experience her awesomeness.
I'm sure you've obviously seen it already but just in case................
Isn't it beautiful?!?! Look around, grab my new button, make yourself at home!
It reminds me of spring and its light and airy and makes me smile every time I look at it which is what I feel like should happen. Basically I am way way way more excited than I probably should be but I am sure that my fellow bloggers totally understand. right?!? She's also designed The Ham & Cheese of it, Coffee, Wine & Cupcakes and some others which are also beautiful and I love to read them too. Even if you don't need her blog design services check out her blog Sweet Madness!
So nope we didn't do anything and I was totally okay with that because I felt like this week really took it all out of me!
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  1. looking great! Love the new design! And nights like that are the best. Where you don't feel like the hours pass but they fly by. :)

    1. Thanks Andrea!!! and yeah you are def right those nights are the best and even though there is nothing worth remembering those are the ones you remember most. Thanks for stopping by!