January 29, 2015

Fussa Walking Tour....or a portion of it at least

In the name of transparency and so I don't look like a horribly lazy blogger I want you guys to know that I had a very long post written up that detailed every move of this tour. When I brought it up to post it and got called away my wonderful son decided he would try to sabotage me and deleted the post somehow and I cannot get it back. This is just not my week! So now we have this....this horribly lazy last minute post about my walking tour that we weren't able to complete  but are totally going back for.

A few weeks ago Isaac, Logan and I set out to go to the Fussa Walking tour. We got together with our friends Brittany and Korey and walked out of the gate (on what seemed like the coldest day every might I add)  to soak up a little but of culture in this town that we live in. The sidewalks here are small and so we got Logan's umbrella stroller out and started on our journey. We walked for about 15 minutes and we came up on a small cemetery. There were people mourning their loved ones and so I didn't want to tae any pictures but trust me it was beautiful.

Right next to it there was a temple. It was open and people were pulling up to go inside. Me in tourist mode with my camera gave it away so they let us take some pictures before they went inside. There was gold everywhere, the detail that went into the architecture was impeccable and you feel a calm come over you just entering

 After being there for a few minutes we wanted to get out of the way and let them get to their business so we moved on. Outside there was a water trough You are supposed to cleanse your hands in it. It was so cold so I didn't do it but I did grab a picture.

About 30 steps away we came across another temple. This one was much smaller and closed but was a sight to see none the less. This one was Logan's favorite because it was a bright red.

Right about now is when Logan really started to get cranky. He was already not having a good day and so it was a risk going on this day but I had to get out and do something and there is so much to see here. I honestly wish I could go explore every day. I am learning to pick my days more carefully thought and rescheduling things on days where it may not be a good idea to take him out for him to act crazy lol 

On the way out of the area where the shrines were there was one more temple and then a ton of statues dressed in hats and jackets. Google became my best friends and I later learned that they were Ojizousama statues. They are divinities that are supposed to look over children, travelers and the underworld. I am looking forward to running into more areas where Ojizousama are.

We walked for another 10 minutes to another temple. Logan told us in more ways than one that he really wanted to get home because he was cold and wasn't in a particularly good mood so I knew this would be our last one (and I was secretly glad because I was getting chilly and we were not prepared for the temp to go down)

I snapped this in someone's front yard

The last temple

The day didn't turn out like I had hoped and we didn't get to go on the while walking tour but it was filled with beauty and I cant wait to go back and re-explore fussa

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