January 2, 2015

Hello 2015!

The time has come to say farewell to 2014 and to welcome 2015 with open arms. I hope 2014 was as filled with positivity, love, laughter and strength to overcome the tough times as you hoped it would be. Although every day you wake up is an opporunity to make a change and live to the fullest, the beginning of a new year is when most people put those changes into action. 

Every new year I like to set some goals to accomplish for the year and this year I get to share them with you all!  

1. Make more of an effort to be present in the moment.
I spend a lot of time thinking about the future, planning, making lists, taking pictures but not really a lot of time enjoying right now and I want to try to change that for both me and my guys....but I will still take a ton of pictures haha for the memories of course 

2. Take more time out of my schedule for one on one time with my husband. 
As many parents know once you have kids your life changes. It is so easy to get wrapped up in your child's life and begin to neglect your own. I am totally guilty of that. I do spend one on one time with my husband after Logan goes to bed but I don't make much of an effort to get a sitter and go on dates with my husband.(Partially becuase I'm unnecessarily paranoid. I mean c'mon he's 3! He will be fine) I was watching the Steve Harvey Show earlier this year and he started the Date Your Husband initiative which is just basically encouraging couples to go on dates 1-2 times a month and not talk about the kids or work. This is one of the most important things this year to me. Without a strong relationship we can't have a good environment to raise our children in (I may even write about my #dateyourhusband progress every month in order to keep myself accountable) I also found Project date your husband which is a monthly link up with Elizabeth Loves to help keep my accountable as well

3. Stop hindering Logan's growth becuase of my irrational fears 
Man oh man if it wasnt for Isaac poor logan would be living in a bubble attached to my hip so i can protect him from everything in the world. Logan is so adventurous and curious and fearless and he was born with a natural need to explore the world. I want him to stop growing so fast and jumping out of trees (that I didnt want him to climb in the first place) and trying so many new things. I am so proud of him becuase he doesnt let fear of the unkown stop hiim from growing as a person. We should all strive to be like that 

4. Do at least one thing every month that I've never done before. This should be easy since we just moved to Japan and its all new for us but just in case I start to get too comfortable I've got to remind myself of this

So those are my goals for 2015!  What are your goals for the new year? 


  1. This is great! Would love for you to grab our button and join our new weekly "Tuesday Talk" link-party that just went live!

    1. Thanks for reading Elizabeth! heading over to check it out now :)

  2. We are definitely on the same page here....being present is my goal for 2015 and having date nights is one of the ways I'm going to focus on being present in my marriage!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read :) I never realized how all over the place I was until I really sat down to think about it and realized I needed to make more of an effort. I'll post about my intentional date nights here! Let me know if you choose to do the same!