January 10, 2015

It's Friday {or Saturday}!!!!

It's the weekend and you made it! Happy Friday (Or Saturday)!!

This was absolutely the most boring and frustrating week ever for us since I missed the license test because my sitter had an emergency, Pass and ID being closed so we can get registration for a car (long story don't ask lol) and housing is telling us that we literally have not moved one spot on the wait list after 20 days. The best moment of the week was that Isaac got to take his license test and we now have one driver in our house that is licensed to drive in Japan! That's a huge deal!

Now on to my favorites for the week!

1. Logan's Martial Arts skills
Seriously watching this made my day, week, month. He is so serious about it and it is hilarious to watch. He is now on the wait list for Karate at the youth center and we are looking into another karate class for him. I can't wait to get him started


 2. The Bachelor premiere
I had never watched it before but I adored the bachelorette this past season and decided it was time to watch the Bachelor. I wasn't disappointed and I am officially hooked. Besides who doesn't love to watch Tara who showed up in cowboy boots and short shorts and then got super drunk on the first night and made it through anyway I may even do a bracket (I'm rooting for Britt all the way!)

3. Our borrowed car
My wonderful friend Brittany is letting us use her extra car until we get one of our own in the next week or so. So grateful!

4. US Land play place
Another week makes for another play place. This one at the Daiei in Fussa. It was our first play date with Ashley and Kami and definitely not the last! We love them already and the kids had a blast...and who doesn't love an ice cream vending machine



5. All you can eat Build your Own Pizza night
My favorite night at the E Club on base so far and the night that Logan officially fell in love with Brittany

6. The Mix and Match Family Blog also known as my blog crush
Shay and her family are in the last part of their adoption journey and are in China picking up their new daughter Ashby and bringing her to her forever home. It has been so interesting and just fills my heart with love reading about their journey and seeing their pictures every step of the way

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