December 20, 2014

Best Week Ever!

This has been the craziest week ever. Isaac came home from Korea, We had to final out of our apartment, drop my car off to government storage and try to fit in some family time since Logan was really needing some of that. Luckily once we left California and got to Seattle it was all family time for a day and a half and then we made the trek to the airport to begin this journey to Japan that ill write about once we land and get settled. Here's a break down of this busy week!

Tuesday was basically the best day ever! It was a super bittersweet day since we had the move out inspection for our apartment and we said our goodbyes to our neighbors (some of whom have almost become like family this past year....Jessica, Michael & Sterling, Kelly, Xander & Grant and Ms. Glora & Coco I'm looking at y'all. These awesome people made this year a little bit easier on those days we didnt want to leave our building. Thank you Jessica and Sterling for those parting gifts! I've already transferred the wallet and Logan used the learning pad the whole way to Seattle!) but all of that is totally okay becuase MY HUSBAND CAME HOME! So again I say it was absolutely the best day ever. Logan was so excited and almost ended up in the emergency room running to his dad in the airport. These last 3 months have been super hard on him with his dad being away so he is so glad that he is home and obviously so am I. We were finally able to get our annual christmas tree picture to display on future Christmases

Wednesday was our last full day in California so we wanted to make sure we did some things to pass the time but were fun for everyone. In the morning we had to drop our car off at government storage in Los Angeles. I had been so stressed about dropping it off becuase I heard it was such a long process but we were literally in and out in 40 minutes. Logan played in the play area the whole time and watched Olivia on Nick Jr with another little girl. Super easy and I was glad it didn't take up too much time. Logan has been asking literally every day for 2 months for a build-a-bear to bring with him on the plane. That was absolutely our first stop for family time. We went to the build-a-bear workshop in Torrance at the Del Amo mall which was great for me becuase I got my last trip to Johnny Rockets out of the way. (Love that place!)

Giving Firebear his smarts

Giving Firebear his muscles

Bath time for Firebear!

He was determined to make a firefighter bear 

"Mom can you help me get firebear dressed?"

Firebear's birth certificate

So proud of his creation! 

That smile!!!!

That night we had tickets the CHILL at the Queen Mary Event which is basically a Christmas wonderland right outside of the ship. They had ice skating, ice tubing, an ice kingdom, Santa and Mrs. Clause and a bunch of other cool booths and food. It was a really great family event and if you are in the area I totally recommend it. So much fun! I was worried becuase Logan has decided that he no longer needs to take naps (which the doctor said is normal at his age) but that means that sometimes 6pm is a very, um, interesting time of day for us. Wednesday night was one of those nights where he was cranky and wanted candy and french fries. We were not paying 6 dollars for a handful of french fries so he wanted to go home haha That night was magical nonetheless and Logan got over it in time to take a walk around the Queen Mary before we went home.

The only ice sculptures I was able to take pictures of before Logan yelled at me to put my phone away

Happy parents and a grumpy "big boy"

The Queen Mary lights that Logan was obsessed with 

Ice Skating view from aboard the Queen Mary

The Nice list. I kept teasing Logan that his name wasn't on it becuase he was being grumpy

Oh and did I mention we saw Santa and Mrs. Clause!

That first hug is always the most magical

"Mom the elves said Mrs. Clause had candy! There is no candy here!"

Perfect Santa Smile this year

Can you tell how excited I was to get this picture?! 

Thursday we boarded a plane for a 3 1/2  hour flight to Seattle.

When we arrived in Seattle it was dark and raining but the next morning when we woke up we were pleasantly surprised to see the amazing view of a lake and some trees that would no doubt be gorgeous had it not been winter.

We made it!

The view from our room  

I have been looking forward to this part of our trip ever since I found out that our port of call was here. I have wanted to visit Seattle since watching the season of Top Chef they filmed there. Most importantly I wanted to visit Pike Place Market and the Space Needle. Our hotel was right across the street from the airport and about 30 minutes from the market so we walked a couple of blocks and got on the train to begin our Seattle adventure.

our train ticket

My honey and I on the train

We passed the baseball and football stadiums on the way, The best picture I was able to get

Logan loved looking out of the window 

When we got off of the train we explored downtown a little. There are so many interesting characters there. We saw a lady painted entirely in gold, many people playing instruments on the street, two men dressed as darth vader and a storm trooper and so much more. There are so many major chain stores and local shops. Our favorite was Chocolate Box. A chocolate and wine store that of course Logan and Isaac fell in love with. Luckily we found a sugar free chocolate bar to take wtih us on the plane tomorrow for hiim so he won't go too crazy on sugar. Right next door was Cupcake Royale and I was in heaven. I got a mini vanilla with strawberry buttercream but Logan got red velvet and Isaac got tripple chocolate. So yummy! I haven't been to a city like Seattlle in a long time. So many Mariners and Seahawks jersey's, 12th man flags in basically every store window and shops that showcase local seattle artists, bakers and other people. People are so full of pride to be from Seattle and I think that's amazing!

Super yummy cupcakes

Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper

Until you visit you have NO IDEA how large Pike Place Market is. It is so huge, 4 stoies and right on the water. There are so many people just walking aroud, there is a ferris wheel, and amazing produce and seafood. We even got to see them chant and toss the fish (It happened so fast I couldn't grab picture or video) There were so many different types of products available and I even added to my "places I've visited" magnet collection. I am so glad that I got to visit the market and cross it off of my bucket list.

Adorable teepees! I would've bought one if we weren't flying

The Bubblegum wall

Wish we all could've been in the picture but a smiling picture is 2nd best! 

As I'm sure everyone knows I wanted to go to the Space Needle so badly but Logan started acting out and then when we got on the train to go back to the hotel he fell asleep within 3 minutes. Made sense after that so we will save the space needle for next time since someone was pooped.

I'm sorry that you had to read through this crazy long post but it was totally worth it right? All in all this week has been flat out amazing and I am so grateful my family is back together. After this year apart and all of the challenges of being a single parent for a while it was nice to have some family time. It was defintely the best week ever! Next up....airport at 2am tomorrow morning and then JAPAN!

- Kendra -