December 24, 2014

The journey begins!

It has finally begun! A new adventure, TOGETHER, in a new country! I don't think I've been so nervous, scared, excited, stressed and happy at the same time since we became parents. It was a very long trip and so I was extremely nervous (honestly both for us and for the rest of the plane) to see how a 3 year old would handle the trip. He's become mighty spoiled this past year since we were missing our primary disciplinarian (something on working on A LOT

We had to be at the airport  at 2am so we woke up at 1 and made sure we did a final sweep of the room to make sure we didnt forget anything. We took the shuttle at 1:30 and got everything checked and got through security. Thankfully Logan woke up so I didn't have to carry him through the airport with our 2 luggage carts but that meant he was wide awake so a starbucks stop in the terminal was a must. Luckily they were open. Seattle airport has a nice childrens play area and so we hung out there for an hour or so.

airport play time with daddy 

as put together as I can be at 2 am

Once we got to the terminal we had a long wait ahead of us. Even though we were there at 2 our flight didnt leave until 7:30 so we had a 5 hour wait. Logan was a trooper and hung out with us until the very last hour before boarding when he fell asleep. the wait was long but I am a people watcher and it was a people watcher's paradise! Isaac and I had a blast observing and laughing and joking with my husband.

TMNT play time in the terminal 

So nice to let me use him as a pillow (See how excited he is!) 

Flying with a toddler it is never easy flying but expecting a 3 year old to sit still for 10 hours on an airplane after sitting in a terminal for 5 hours and waking up at 1am is like expecting me to get his birthday party planning completely done before the day of. Not gonna happen! So, with that being said the flight went GREAT! LOGAN DID AMAZING! He literally sat on the plane watching movies, talking to us and coloring  and napping the entire time. I thought we would have to deal with a tantrum or a seat kicking issue but nope none of that. Isaac and I kept looking at each other and saying "Can you believe this?!" and when we heard other kids have meltdowns we were expecting one every time but it never happened. It was the best flight we have ever taken with him! he even ate the airplane food! I was so proud of him. I don't think I couldve been more impressed, seriously it is impossible. During the flight I mostly slept, read The Andy Cohen Diaries and watched the movie Blended that they showed and that was really good. Isaac pretty much tried to sleep the entire time and failed haha I owe my husband so so so so so much and I have to praise him! Even after flying from the pacific and back within a week all to escort us to Japan with a hurt knee he still sat in a tiny area so that Logan and I could spread out on the plane and sleep

We're all ready to go 

Movie Time

Nap time comfortably thanks to my awesome husband

lauged out loud the entire time I read this and people thought I was crazy 

When we finaly landed we had a little bit of customs stuff to do to enter the country and then we were officially done and residing on Yokota. It's the middle of December so I obviously expected it to be winter when we arrived but I didn't expect It to be 40 degrees. I was expecting much cooler. I was surprised at how the wind can pick up though and change it from a decent weather day to a pretty cold one in a second That year back in Southern California with basically no wind really spoiled me. Everything here is smaller than in the states, especially the cars! Even the biggest cars are tiny lol

Samurai Armor in the airport terminal 

right outside the terminal

We are so lucky to have a family here that we have known for years, basically our husbands were roomates and worked in the same office before we all got married and then we (Brittany and I) met after we became moms. If it wasn't for Brittany who has been here for a year and a half we would be lost! She has basically become my lifesaver during this first week. She picked us up from the airport, took us grocery shooping and took us to get phones. Thankfully Logan and her daughter get along very well and it makes me very happy to see him have a friend here already. She has seriously been a lifesaver and I don't know how we could adjust here with out her. I dont have a picture with them yet becuase I look like death but I promise one is coming haha

We've been here for 3 days now and we still haven't adjusted to the time, Every day Logan and I have gone to sleep really really early and wake up at 3am or so. It's crazy! We are trying to get adjusted but the time is kicking our butts! Isaac is luckier because he was in S. Korea and on the same time for the past year. Since this is Christmas week it is very hard to get things done and in processed because everyone is on holiday schedules. Hopefully we will get enough done this week to be able to go off base and then start really exploring. Outside of the time we have been walking around on base a little bit and trying to figure out what is near us and just taking it all in. 

Minute Maid apple juice, flavored water and a can of hot coffee from the vending machine!
Logan loves the bottles!

Speed limit sign- 30 km (about 18 mph)

Stop sign on base (the triangle threw us both off!)

Playground fun with daddy 

Now we're just waiting to be assigned a house, which we found out will probably end up being about a month....ughh!, and start settling in as much as we can without all of our furniture. I'm hoping we'll get our home before our stuff gets here but either way we will make the best of it and enjoy the beginning of this chapter because this journey is one that many people don't get to take and whatever happens from here on out we will chalk it up to it just being our life.

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