December 30, 2014

Cunningham Christmas 2014: Yokota hotel style

This Christmas was a weird one and one that if I'm being completely honest almost didn't happen. We arrived on base 4 days before Christmas with no tree, no presents, in a hotel room and no Japanese licenses/car. Thanks to our wonderful friends both new and old this Christmas was a success, nothing big like past years but just enough that Logan knows Santa can find him no matter where he lives....and he really needed that with all of the change in his life this year.

After Christmas shopping and a marathon wrapping session I ended up with this pinterest fail that thankfully even though it didn't turn out like it was supposed to Logan loved it! He ran into our bedroom screaming "HE CAME HE CAME MOMMY, DADDY SANTA FOUND US IN JAPAN!!" So worth it!

Since we were moving before Christmas both sets of grandparents sent their gifts right after Thanksgiving so he opened what I thought would be a couple of presents but ended up being about two moving boxes full of presents before we left (they spoil him against my wishes every chance they get but I guess that's what they are for haha)  Thank goodness they sent them before the movers came! 

We didn't get him much since we are in TLF and he has so many toys coming. Just enough to have fun until our things get here. He got the Grill that he's been asking for, a train set, lego duplo planes set, nerf guns, pajamas, a planes guitar and April O'neil and Casey Jones to add to his TMNT action figure collection. In his stocking he just got bubbles, a few coloring books, a Japanese candy, sunglasses and something else that I can't remember (FYI Logan went on strike against pajamas this Christmas so he just had his night time pull up on until we left the house lol)

The pajamas he should've worn Christmas Even

Nerf guns for everyone! 

Planes guitar

 Remember the train set from BorneLund? He got it and was super excited! It was very expensive at the store ($90) but we found it at Toys R Us for about half the price and got it. It is way to big to set it all up on the table in TLF but once he gets his toys back and we have his train table we will set the entire thing up for him to enjoy

We spent the rest of the morning eating breakfast, playing Nerf guns (it got pretty serious at one point between Isaac and Logan. I'm talking major show down!) and watching A Christmas Story in our Pajamas (or lack of pajamas)

After we spent our Christmas morning family time we headed over to the Masters' house for play time and Christmas dinner. I didn't get a picture of it but it was SUPER YUMMY! Savannah and Logan exchanged gifts with the sweetest hug (that I also slacked on getting a picture of) and then played with her Christmas gifts. It was so sweet to watch!

That Smile!!!

He wanted a roll so badly and when he got it it was so hilarious to watch

It is so nice to hold a sweet sleeping baby who isnt half of my size. 

We don't have a little girl so I don't see this side of Isaac very often

"I hope this doesn't ruin my manly man reputation" lol

Silly kids

The day after Christmas we met up with our new friends Brittany and Korey for lunch, laughs and a little bit of BX shopping. It still felt like Christmas since it was Christmas in the states

I hope that your Christmas was filled with family/friends, fun, laughs, joy, yummy food and an overall awesome day with those that you love and love you! 

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